Storytelling in Action

Your facts and data won’t speak for themselves. If you really want to move an
audience—to influence decisions and create change—you’ve got to tell a good story.

New research confirms that storytelling affects the brain more powerfully than
information alone. What makes a good story? How do you bring a story alive for your audience? This program focuses on creating and delivering memorable, inspiring narratives that produce results. You will learn:

  • the key elements of story structure, and how to apply them to your messages.
  • how to make stories more memorable by speaking to listeners’ emotions.
  • the power of sensory language.
  • tools for delivering your story in authentic, dynamic ways.

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This program is right for

  • Teams who are struggling to have their ideas heard by key decision makers.
  • Leaders who need to inspire and motivate their teams.
  • Organizations who need to tell their story to the world with greater consistency and impact.