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Our programs are built on a core triad of skills:

Content: Clarity starts with content. We've created a narrative-architecture tool that you can apply in any speaking situation to ensure your message is clear, relevant and focused.

Delivery: Even a good message is powerless without a strong delivery. People remember how you say something long after they recall what you've said. We help you bring your content to life by ensuring your body, voice and eyes are congruent with your words – to ensure your point sticks.

State: State of mind is the most neglected component of high-stakes communication. It's also the most important. Strong content and delivery cannot overcome a poor state. The techniques we offer for cultivating an optimum state will give you a repeatable routine for directing your focus to produce peak performance on command. You'll be prepared to manage your emotions and focus before any event – whether you're addressing an audience of one or one thousand.

Experiential Learning
We believe in learning by doing, and our programs are highly participatory. Our intimate faculty-to-participant ratio ensures that everyone practices our High Performance Communication principles. The Stand & Deliver faculty creates a supportive, encouraging environment where individuals can open up, take risks and receive constructive, relevant feedback.

Real World Application
Stand & Deliver's curriculum is supported by high-level theory, but it is above all practical. Our faculty tune in to the particular demands of the company, industry, team and individual challenges, and offer insights that can be applied the next work day for measurable results.

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